Warranty & Returns

Limited Warranty –InnovaPrep
      InnovaPrep LLC provides a limited warranty for products and services as noted in its Terms and Conditions of Sale.  


We strive to meet the requirements of our clients professionally and efficiently, and to provide a reliable service to our Partners. Rapid response times are made possible using clear, standardized processes. Typical response times include:

Exchange devices: We will do our utmost to deliver to you within two business days. In warranty repairs should be completed within five business days from receipt at our Repair Center (BSL2 instruments may require up to 10 days)
         Out of warranty repairs should be completed within five business days after receipt of PO and  client approval of quote.

To achieve this, we ask for your cooperation, including notification of a shipment using the return material authorization(RMA) form. A fully and correctly completed form improves processing time, which helps to minimize your downtime.

These service policies apply to all InnovaPrep instruments

The policies described cover the majority of service procedures and are valid in the United States.  Country specific deviations may occur, such as transport handling, warranty periods or the calculation of flat rates. In these cases, the details or prices will appear on the order confirmation. The process description under the service level in this document relates to the standard process.

Our Client Service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

NOTE:  In case of conflict or contradiction between these Warranty & Service Policies and the applicable InnovaPrep Products Warranty,  the InnovaPrep Terms and Conditions of Sale will take precedence.


Short Turnaround Times We have minimized our turnaround times using standard and clear processes. Our goal is that you will receive an exchange device within an average of two working days and we will do our utmost to return repaired devices to you after five working days after receiving the product at our Repair Center.

Ease of Contact You can send an inquiry at any time by e-mailing, accessing the HubSpot link from our website or by calling our Service Desk. Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm Central.

Spare Parts Service We have an extensive range of spare parts. In the event that products are discontinued, spare parts are typically available for an additional three years following product discontinuation.

Loan Replacements A loan replacement is available for most of our products during the ApplicableWarranty Period. This allows site coverage to be maintained while the original product is being repaired. Further details and prices can be obtained from theRepair Center.

Upgrade Plans New technology upgrades will be supported allowing client sites to upgrade quickly and efficiently.

After Sales Service

Key Repair and Exchange Information

These service policies apply to devices purchased directly from InnovaPrep. If you have purchased a device through a dealer or distributor,  please contact that dealer or distributor.

Before you return products to us for repair or exchange, you must first complete a Certificate of Decontamination and obtain aReturn Material Authorization (RMA). This ensures that your return is continuously tracked and is billed correctly, and minimizes the risk of errors and delays. To obtain a Decontamination Certificate or RMA form, please contact our Service Desk (please refer to the Contact Details page). ALL RETURNS MUSTBE AUTHORIZED IN ADVANCE BY INNOVAPREP. Any unauthorized return will not be accepted.

The RMA form should be filled out as completely as possible. To establish warranty claims, it is essential that you provide us with the serial number or "date code" of the device

Once you have submitted the DecontaminationCertificate, it will be reviewed and, if approved, we will send you an RMA number and an order confirmation with further information

We reserve the right to cancel the RMA if the product is not received within 30 days of issue of RMA or if the condition of the instrument is not as stated in the Decontamination Certificate

Please arrange delivery and package the device securely for transport, per directions in the Returns section, and ensure that the RMA number is clearly visible on the package.


1. Decontaminate your instrument
         · All returns must include a Decontamination Certificate.  
          · We reserve the right to reject warranty claims if the condition of the instrument is not as stated in the Decontamination Certificate or the instrument has been used in a Biological Safety hazard BSL3 or higher environment.

2. Packaging your product return.
          · You are responsible for protecting the returned products by ensuring they are packaged and shipped appropriately. We reserve the right to reject warranty claims due to damage resulting from failure to comply with the following packaging requirements:
                    · All parts must be securely packaged and dispatched in the original packaging box to prevent damage. 
                    · Adequate packaging must be used to protect the contents against possible damage during transport. If you do not have the original foam insert, please contact us and we can provide a replacement for a nominal charge. 
                    · Enclose the shipping labels supplied by us to the package so that they are clearly visible.

3. Transport costs and shipping
           · All RMAs must be returned to the specified address prepaid.

Returns Process Overview

Warranty Repair / Replacement

If a covered defect is confirmed by us during the Applicable Warranty Period, our sole liability is either to repair or replace the warranted product.
     1. Contact our service desk to initiate a Return Material authorization (RMA).
     2. Return faulty product with RMA.  
     3. We will confirm the presence of a covered defect and will either Repair or Replace, at our sole option with anew or fully refurbished product of the same or higher specification if a covered defect is confirmed.
     4. The repaired /replacement product will be returned to you.

Fixed Price Repair (Non-Warranty)

If a fault is determined to exist, but the fault is not covered by our warranty, a fixed level repair fee is available.  
     1. Contact our service desk to initiate a Return Material authorization (RMA).
     2. Return the faulty product with RMA and Purchase Order or credit card approval to request a fixed level fee.
     3. We will confirm the fault and, at your expense, either Repair or Replace the product in question, at our option, with a new or fully refurbished product of the same or higher specification.
     4. The repaired /replacement product will be returned to you.  
     5. The Fixed level fee will be invoiced to you and payment thereof is a condition to return (per Item).

Non-Warranty Replacement

If a fault is determined, but the fault is not covered by our warranty, and if, in our judgment, it is not feasible to repair, we will support a non-warranty replacement product.
     1. Contact our service desk to initiate a Return Material authorization (RMA).
     2. Return the faulty product with the associated RMA.  
     3. We will confirm the fault and provide a quotation for the non-warranty replacement fee.
     4. Once approved, we will process the order as per the approved quote (Replace/Discard).
     5. We will invoice you for the applicable charge by invoice, and payment there of is a condition to return.

Warranty Invalidation

     · If the product is improperly installed, used or maintained;  
     · If the product installed outside of stated operating parameters, altered or improperly serviced, or repaired by anyone other than an Authorized. Service/Repair Center;   
     · If damage is caused by external occurrences, such as (but not limited to) lightning, power surges, fire, water damage, floods, temperature extremes, acts of nature, or the like. In addition, this Limited Warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from unauthorized modification or tampering, misuse, abuse, vandalism, alterations of serial numbers, or other causes unrelated to defective materials or workmanship.  
     · Any other limitations as set out in the applicable detailed terms and conditions.  
     · If a fault is determined during the Applicable Warranty Period and the fault would otherwise be covered by our warranty, but for the above conditions/circumstances, then a fixed price repair or non-warranty replacement will be offered.

Additional Services

Spare Parts Service

We offer a wide range of original spare parts for our products. In the event that products are discontinued, we will do our utmost to have spare parts available. for a further three years.  

For further information or pricing, please contact the After Sales Support Department.

Refurbished Products

We occasionally offer refurbished products for sale at a special price. These are items that have previously been used, repaired, and refurbished.

Refurbished products are supplied with a separate, one-year warranty, that particular Applicable WarrantyPeriod commencing with delivery.

For a copy of the warranty for refurbished products  or for further information please contact the Service Desk.

Credit Notes (credit returns)

For new items that have not been used and are in their original packaging, we offer a refund or credit note for products returned within a period of 90 days from the original date of delivery. All returned goods are subject to a restocking fee and the packaging requirements for product returns.Please request a Sales Return Number from After Sales Support before returning a device.

Contact Details

Contacting InnovaPrep  
After-Sales Service Desk
Business hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5pm CST
E-mail: customerservice@innovaprep.com
All countries Tel.: +1-816-619-3375 

Contact address:  
Repair Dept Address
InnovaPrep, LLC
132 Main Street Drexel, MO 64742


1. Limited Warranty
See Terms & Conditions of Sale

2. Disclaimers.

(e) Any description of the goods or services, whether in writing or made orally by InnovaPrep or InnovaPrep’s agents, in any specifications, samples, models, bulletin, drawings, diagrams, engineering sheets, or similar materials used in connection with client’s order are for the sole purpose of identifying the goods and/or services and shall not be construed or treated as a warranty of any kind, whether expressed or implied. Any suggestions by InnovaPrep or InnovaPrep’s agents regarding use, applications, or suitability of the goods and/or services shall not be construed as a warranty of any kind, unless confirmed to be such in writing by a duly authorized officer of InnovaPrep

(f) InnovaPrep does not represent or warrant that its products may not be compromised or circumvented; that the products will prevent any personal injury or property loss by burglary, robbery, fire, or otherwise; or that the products will in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. Buyer understands and will cause its customers,Clients, and users to understand that a properly installed and maintained alarm may only reduce the risk of a burglary, robbery or fire without warning, but it is not insurance or a guarantee that such will not occur or will not cause or lead to personal injury or property loss.

(g) INNOVAPREP SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR ANY PROPERTY DAMAGE OR OTHER LOSS BASED ON ANY CLAIM AT ALL INCLUDING A CLAIM THE PRODUCT FAILED TO GIVE WARNING. Nevertheless and notwithstanding the foregoing, if InnovaPrep is held liable whether directly or indirectly for any loss or damage with respect to the products it sells, regardless of cause or origin, its maximum liability shall not, under any circumstances, exceed the purchase price of the product, which shall be fixed as liquidated damages and not as a penalty and shall be the complete and exclusive remedy against InnovaPrep.

4. Returns and Repairs.
Subject to the terms and conditions listed below, during the Applicable Warranty Period, InnovaPrep will repair or replace, at its sole option, free of charge any defective products returned prepaid. InnovaPrep may replace any product, or component of a product, with a refurbished product (or component, as the case may be) provided that such refurbished product or component is of an equivalent or better age or standard. In the event you have a problem with any InnovaPrep product, please contact us and request a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA) NUMBER from the Service Department.

Contacting InnovaPrep: 
After-Sales Service Desk
Business hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST
All countries Tel.: +1-833.833.3763    
E-mail: customerservice@innovaprep.com

Repair Dept Address
InnovaPrep, LLC
132 Main Street Drexel, MO 64742

Buyer must provide the model number, serial number, and the nature of the problem available for the client service representative.Prior authorization MUST be obtained for all returns, exchanges, or credits.ITEMS SHIPPED TO INNOVAPREP WITHOUT A CLEARLY IDENTIFIED RMA NUMBER AND PRE-APPROVED DECONTAMINATION CERTIFICATE MAY BE REFUSED.

Products returned will be tested to verify the defect.Upon verification of the defect, the product will be repaired, exchanged or credited to the Buyer’s account, at the sole discretion of InnovaPrep. In the event of replacement, the returned product will be credited to the Buyer’s account and a new invoice issued for the replacement item. InnovaPrep reserves the right to issue a credit only in lieu of replacement. If the product is found to be in good working order or its inability to function properly is a result of a cause or condition disqualifying the product for coverage under the InnovaPrep Products Warranty Statement,  the product will be returned in the same condition as received unless repair is possible and requested by the Buyer. Repairs of such nature will incur a charge for parts and labor and will proceed only by agreement with the Buyer to accept the charge with a purchase order or credit card authorization.

Non-Warranty Repair. Buyer will be charged for repairs on out of warranty equipment. Applicable charges will be calculated after receipt of the instrument with a valid RMA number issued. Charges may vary based on actual equipment condition. Buyer must pay shipping costs to InnovaPrep.

Repair Department. Costs to repair and return defective equipment will be the responsibility of the Buyer. For all non-warranty repairs Buyer will be billed for parts, labor and shipping.Non-warranty repairs are warranted for 90 days from date of repair.

6.  Taxes.
Prices do not include any municipal, state or federal sales, use, excise, value added or similar taxes. Consequently, in addition to prices specified, the amount of any present or future tax that may be imposed shall be paid by Buyer, or in lieu thereof Buyer will provide InnovaPrep with a tax exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities.