We get it. Microbiology processes are complex, especially the preanalytical steps.

This is the stage in sample processing that impacts your results the most and requires the most labor, skill, and time. If your lab is still using outmoded sample prep methods, it is time to get you up to speed.

We all dream of faster and easier workflows, better detection efficiency, and reproducible results. Our tools allow you to bypass time-consuming sample preparation steps while achieving the highest concentration factors possible for same-shift results. Faster, Easier, Better.

There's a Faster, Easier, and Better way.

InnovaPrep's tools replace tedious manual processes with a robust automated sample concentration process that takes just minutes.

• Reduces labor and cost
• Streamlines workflow
• Improves detection exponentially
• Allows same-shift results
• All in a tiny footprint

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Our Tools make real-world samples fit into modern assays

It's the problem that sparked our invention; large sample volumes with trace target organisms have to first be concentrated to be detected. InnovaPrep tools concentrate large volumes down to the volume ranges needed for modern assays in minutes without incubation, centrifugation, or manual steps. Our tools use a process called wet foam elution (WFE), it is the basis of all our products and 49 awarded and pending patents.

Here's how to get YOUR lab up to speed

We have helped industry, public health labs, academia, and governments simplify workflows, reduce labor and costs, and detect elusive threats since 2009. We are known for engaged innovative collaboration worldwide and we look forward to working with you, here's how to start.

1. Provide a few details by either scheduling a call  or by answering this questionnaire.

2. We'll quickly recommend a solution and provide a quotation.

3. Delivery is fast and we'll be here as much as you need us. We promise to never stop supporting you.