The Pharma Industry is currently shifting to the wide-spread use of rapid molecular methods. InnovaPrep's Concentrating Pipette can help realize the promise of these new analytical methods, increasing speed, sensitivity, and ease of use by rapidly concentrating samples prior to analysis by RMMs. InnovaPrep technologies also include solutions for monitoring air and surface contamination that can also provide same-shift results when using RMMs.

  • Biological and particulate contamination in water, intermediate products such as cell culture media, finished products including parenteral fluids and compound drugs.
  • Monitoring of aseptic processing environments, including air and surface samples
  • Assay development
  • Exosomes


White Paper - An Overview of Biological Sample Collection and Concentration Solutions for Pharma Applications
Protocol  - Large Area Surface Sampling Using The CP Select

Concentrating Pipette Select

The Concentrating Pipette is an automated, rapid micro-particle concentrator developed for microbiology


The Bobcat is a lightweight, portable, battery powered, dry filter air sampler with a unique rapid filter elution kit

ACD-200 Bobcat

The LVC Kit allows concentration of bacteria and viruses from liquid volumes (100+ liters)


The AirPrep Cub Sampler is a new, even more affordable commercial version of the ACD200 Bobcat. Users can choose from 50, 100, or 200 LPM flowrates.