InnovaPrep concentration devices provide rapid concentration of pathogens, spoilage organisms ,and particulate contamination from liquid food samples, beverages, process and irrigation waters, and surface samples faster, easier, and better than other methods allow.  Additionally, InnovaPrep's Bobcat Air Sampler is perfect for airborne contamination monitoring - it's portable, rugged, and well-suited for rapid molecular analysis methods allowing fast results without incubation or growth steps for same shift results.

  • Airborne pathogen monitoring
  • Surface contamination sampling
  • Homogenized food samples for reduced incubation time
  • Spoilage organisms in beverage including alcoholic beverages
  • Process waters
  • Aquaculture production waters - fish and shellfish
  • Produce wash waters
  • Irrigation waters

White Paper - Microbial Monitoring of Air, Surfaces, and Liquids in Food Processing Environments
Application Note - Method Development Guidance for Reducing Incubation Time for Homogenized Foods
White Paper - New Tools and Method for Concentration of Spoilage Organisms from American Lager Beers
Application Note/Protocol - Rapid Concentration of Spoilage Organisms in Beer
Application Note - Large Area Surface Sampling
Application Note - Concentrating Waterborne Pathogens in Environmental Waters

Concentrating Pipette Select

A rapid micro-particle concentrator for microbiology

EasyElute LVC Kit

Allows concentration of bacteria and viruses from 100+ liters

ACD-200 Bobcat

Lightweight, portable, battery powered, dry filter air sampler with a unique rapid filter elution kit

AirPrep Cub

A new, compact model of the Bobcat. Users can choose from 50, 100, or 200 LPM flowrates.