PATHOGENS can be present in our drinking water, foods and consumer products, and in our environment as a whole. These threats, including bacteria, molds, parasites, and viruses are often present in extremely low, though dangerous concentrations. InnovaPrep technologies allow a faster, easier and more effective means of sample collection and concentration for a variety of applications. 

We look forward to helping you adopt these tools and methods into your processes. We have a history of engaged innovative collaboration with academia, government, and industry worldwide and welcome invitations for method development projects, customization, integration, and licensing.


Modern tools and methods for monitoring air, surfaces, and concentration of SARS-CoV-2 for wastewater-based epidemiology


Modern tools and methods for monitoring biothreats in air, on surfaces, as well as rapid concentration of pathogens from water sources


The Concentrating Pipette provides rapid concentration of pathogens, spoilage organisms and other particulate contaminants. Quality testing can be performed in a single shift saving money in labor, product hold times, ensuring prolonged product quality


Modern tools and methods for monitoring livestock disease threats in air, on surfaces, and in liquid specimens and samples, as well as disease pathogens from aquaculture production waters


Modern tools and methods for monitoring contamination in air, on surfaces, and waters, as well as biological and particulate contamination in  intermediate products such as cell culture media, finished products including parenteral fluids and compound drugs


Robust field and lab tools and methods for monitoring biothreats in air and on surfaces, as well as concentration of of pathogens from water sources. InnovaPrep technologies were first developed for bio surveillance applications. We have a long and varied background working with integration partners for force protection.


InnovaPrep technologies are used by drinking water and wastewater labs, commercial services labs, and public health labs for faster, easier, and better concentration of waterborne pathogens from drinking water, source waters, and wastewater influent and effluent .

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InnovaPrep's innovative tools provide same-shift results for contamination monitoring in liquid foods and beverages, as well as air and surface samples in food production, preparation, and packaging facilities.

Clinical Research


InnovaPrep concentration devices are used by researchers for rapidly concentrating pathogens in clinical samples such as blood, urine, and oral fluids. Our air and surface collection and recovery methods are ideal for providing rapid results for disease outbreak and hospital acquired infection investigations.

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