Quiet Dock Assembly instructions

The Quiet Dock Accessory kit has two main components that include a sound-dampening collar and base. Within the base you will see the power cord insertion tool and a rubber insert. Follow the below instructions for assembling the items to the AirPrep Cub Sampler. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@innovaprep.com.

1. Inserting the AirPrep power cord into the base of the Quiet Dock

You will notice the power cord insertion tool and rubber insert located within the foam of the Quiet Dock base. The power cord insertion tool will be used for inserting the power cord jack into the socket on the base to transform the Quiet Dock into a docking station for powering/charging your AirPrep Cub sampler.

a. Remove the rubber insert and push it onto the power cord jack.

b.  Slip the power cord jack into the socket on the Quiet Dock base.

c.  Place the power cord insertion tool on top of the power cord jack.

d. Using both hands, push on the power cord insertion tool with your palm while firmly pulling the cord into the slot. Keep the Quiet Dock Base steady by putting your hand over the entire top of the base. Return the power cord insertion tool to its place in the foam.

2. Attaching the Dock Base and Collar to the Cub Sampler

a. Be sure to first unscrew and remove the metal tripod adaptor from the Cub. Set the Cub onto the Quiet Dock base. Ensure the plug is fully seated, and that the sampler will power on.

b. Remove inlet and set aside.

c. Attach the Quiet Dock Collar in the inlet’s place.

d. Once the Quiet Dock Collar is attached, attach the inlet above.

For Disassembly

To remove the power cord jack, use the protrusion on the Insertion Tool to pry the rubber insert out.  Hold the cord and tool in one hand and pry it up, use your other hand to hold the Quiet Dock base down.