Wastewater Based Epidemiology using the CP Select

Public health labs, testing services labs, universities, and the military are using wastewater as a means to detect the emergence or spread of COVID-19 outbreaks which has proven to be a significant epidemiological method to help determine where to mobilize resources and determine the degree and duration of intervention needed in a community by community real-time approach.  

The Concentrating Pipette (CP) Select™ effectively concentrates SARS-CoV-2 from raw and primary wastewater influent faster, easier, and better than other methods by improving the limit of detection, reducing inhibition, simplifying workflow, and by reducing labor. The instrument fits into BSL-2 safety cabinets for increased ease and safety.

The CP Select, uses dead-end filtration on high-flow single-use pipette tips to capture target particles with an automated recovery process, termed Wet Foam Elution™ to enable efficient extraction of the particles from the filter membrane in seconds and can administer very precise and controlled amounts of foam that produce filter elution volumes as low as 200 microliters. The process maximizes concentration of the target thereby exponentially improving the limit of detection for trace pathogens. The Concentrating Pipette pairs with perfectly with most molecular methods including PCR and sequencing.

[NOTE: users report efficient concentration of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) using either the 0.05 um tips (items CC08020 and CC08004) and the Ultrafilter tips (items CC08003 and CC08011) depending on processing methods and/or regional differences in waters. New deeply discounted pipette tips are available in bulk packaging (non-irradiated ) see store for details.]



Dave explains an improved method for concentrating SARS-CoV-2 from raw wastewater that is fast, easy and repeatable while providing better recovery than common methods allow. Please also check out our Concentrating Pipette Select Demo Video

Large Area Surface Sampling for Viruses

A Surface Sampling Method published by NASA JPL showed the effectiveness of how simple polyester squares or dry Swiffer-type wipes can be wetted and used to collect samples from large area surfaces. The resulting sample is concentrated, without enrichment, on the Concentrating Pipette into a final sample of about 200µL ready for PCR steps..


Protocol - Large Area Surface Sampling Method Using the InnovaPrep Concentrating Pipette

NASA JPL Frontiers in Microbiology Surface Sampling Method 2020

A Meta Mini Study: Improved Pathogen Detection of Air, Surface and Liquid Samples Through Rapid Concentration a poster presentation given by Dave Alburty, InnovaPrep CEO, at the American Society of Microbiology Biothreats meeting in January2019. The poster outlines three studies where pathogen detection of air, surface, and liquid samples were improved by using the Concentrating Pipette for rapid concentration. The studies were performed by independent labs including CDC NIOSH, NASA JPL, and the USDA.

Air Sampling for Viruses

The ADC-200 Bobcat™ is a small lightweight and portable dry filter air sampler with a built-in tripod that actively collects viruses, bacteria and fungal spores from 100 LPM to 200 LPM .Sample recovery from the filter takes just seconds and results in a concentrated liquid sample of 6 mL that is ready for analysis using PCR or other molecular methods


Virus Collection Efficiency of the ACD-200 Bobcat testing data by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health for both the collection of live virus titers as well as sampled virus quantitation by PCR compares well to common wet reference samplers.

Longitudinal Metagenomic Analysis of Hospital Air Identifies Clinically Relevant Microbes  An article published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS ONE 2016). by Paula King, et al.

COVID-19 Air Sampling Method Application Note


InnovaPrep elution fluids are compatible with most molecular assays used in microbiology laboratories that will provide complete analysis within hours. For those facilities without these capabilities, please contact us for recommendations or consult with your local microbiology services laboratories.

Concentrating Pipette Select

The Concentrating Pipette is an automated, rapid micro-particle concentrator developed for microbiology


The Bobcat is a lightweight, portable, battery powered, dry filter air sampler with a unique rapid filter elution kit

ACD-200 Bobcat

The LVC Kit allows concentration of bacteria and viruses from liquid volumes (100+ liters)


"Colorado State University has been processing wastewater samples collected from manholes on campus and from treatment plants around the state of Colorado since August 2020. We have run thousands of samples through our Innovaprep concentrator – up to 40 samples a day – generating valuable data which is posted to a public dashboard for the citizens of Colorado to see. The Innovaprep was recommended to us by Hampton Roads Sanitation District, who were among the first to test wastewater for COVID19.  After reviewing other protocols which seemed lengthier and more laborious, we were delighted to have the Innovaprep as an option.  We have been extremely happy with our concentrator – it’s reliable, rapid and easy to use, requires little maintenance and allows us to safely perform all manipulations of wastewater inside a biosafety cabinet, minimizing exposure to pathogens. Even inexperienced lab staff are able to safely and reliably concentrate wastewater using this instrument as it has a very user-friendly interface which guides the user through each step.  We also note that Innovaprep is a reliable supplier – we have never experienced delays due to items being out of stock - and the technical support is outstanding."Carol J Wilusz Ph.D.Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology Director, Program in Cell and Molecular Biology Director, Molecular Quantification CoreColorado State University


“As a customer focusing on WWBE, I would highlight the CP select for the reproducibility of the concentration step, the speed of sample concentration, and the overall safety of the operator. With research laboratories often being challenged to handle service-level loads, the CP-select enables quality and rapid turnaround of samples without exposing research staff to wastewater samples.”

Asst. Prof. Cresten Mansfeldt (costumer since August 2020; Prof. Mansfeldt does not have any financial interest in Innovaprep).