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Duke Researchers Present on using AirPrep Samplers for Air Pollution Study using In Vivo Zebra Fish Assays

June 30, 2023

Yeon Ji Kim and fellow researchers at Duke University presented a poster on using the AirPrep Bobcat and Cub Samplers to study the effects of outdoor air pollution on the gut microbiome. InnovaPrep provided a modified elution buffer for recovering samples from their filters via InnovaPrep's patented Wet Foam Elution using Pluronic fluid. The modified formulation allowed compatibility for zebra fish assays. Zebra fish are commonly used in experimental models for toxicology testing and their method proved to be successful. The presentation was titled, Validating an affordable and reproducible outdoor air sampling method for in vivo and molecular biology experiments" and was presented at the 2023 ASM Microbe meeting.