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Concentrating Pipette used by Delaware PHL to Screen Wastewater for Candida Auris Infections

May 30, 2023

Delaware Public Health Lab Presented a poster at the 2023 APHL meeting titled, Wastewater Surveillance for Candida Auris Utilizing Digital PCR. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many US public health labs began surveilling community wastewater to track the outbreak, proving to be an excellent method for tracking the rise and fall of the disease in near real time. The method is now being used for tracking a variety of pathogens. Delaware was one of the first labs to publish a method for tracking Candida Auris, an emerging pathogen that poses a serious global public health threat, using the Concentrating Pipette. The Concentrating Pipette is acknowledged by dozens of health labs worldwide for its ease, speed, and efficiency for tracking many pathogenic threats in wastewater.