The New SpinCon® II provides the same capabilities as before with added improvements including a more powerful blower and a more rugged carrying case with built-in storage for sampling supplies. The collector module and controls module can be easily removed from the case to provide ultimate versatility for the user.

SpinCon and SpinCon II Comparison Table

The SpinCon® II is a portable and energy-efficient wet concentrator air sampler. Tested and proven in user sponsored tests, it is ideally suited for the collection of bioaerosols, particulate matter, and soluble vapors, including submicron-sized particles, airborne molecular contamination, biological particulates, and volatile and semi-volatile chemical compounds. 

The system addresses a broad range of advanced requirements and is the gold standard for large volume sampling. Validating data show that the SpinCon efficiently collects and concentrates micron and submicron bioaerosol particles, such as molds, pollen, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and bacteriophages into a 10 mL final sample.

The SpinCon® II samples air at a rate of 450 liters per minute (LPM). It can be operated in either single sample or continuous monitoring mode. The SpinCon is suitable for virtually any air-sampling task. This capacity is made possible by combining a high sampling rate with the ability to concentrate the analyte in a small volume of liquid, aided by high collection efficiency and the ability to vary sampling time. Because of its patented wet-concentrator design, the SpinCon II can achieve a highly concentrated sample of particulates that other wet-cyclone designs cannot achieve, dramatically increasing the probability of detecting a hazard. And because it is not an impinger, it is far less likely to damage or destroy spores in the collection process, a factor which may be critical if confirmatory cultures are required.

Intended Applications:

The SpinCon® II aerosol sampler is used to sample bioaerosols, particulate matter, and chemicals contained in the sampled air. It has been successfully used to find: Biological organisms, particles, vapors & aerosols, anthrax spores, nerve agents, viruses and coliphage, viral material, blister agents, bacteria and coliform bacterial material, psychotic agents, spores & fungal allergens, explosives, pollen, and pesticides.

Depending upon the sampling time, the particles or compounds of interest in air can be concentrated by several orders of magnitude. Concentrating the constituents of interest is an effective way to overcome sensitivity problems encountered due to the detection limit of the analytical method being used. Therefore concentrations in the air, which would be undetectable using a conventional air sampler, are now easily detected.

Attributes of the SpinCon II

High collection efficiency and particularly high collection rate —The very high flow rate of 450 L/minute, when coupled with high collection efficiency across a very broad range of particle sizes, gives the SpinCon superior collection rates. The ability to vary sampling time makes it the ideal choice for both intermittent and continuous monitoring application.

Ability to concentrate and retain particles in solution — The ability to concentrate and keep particles in the sample makes it possible to achieve sample concentrations of the target many times higher than what is in the air. This allows the SpinCon II to produce samples that are well within the detection limits of most sensitive detection devices, even if the agent sought is in low ambient concentrations.

Capable of long sampling times - Because the SpinCon II utilizes a sample fluid make-up supply to replenish evaporated fluid, the sample fluid level will reliably stay at 10 mL. This allows the capability to set sampling times for several hours.