The SpinCon II wet-walled cyclonic air sampler is the gold standard for large volume air sampling. It is ideally suited for the collection of micron and submicron bioaerosols, particulate matter, and soluble vapors, including volatile and semi-volatile chemical compounds.  

The very high flow rate of 450 L/minute, the ability to set long sampling times, and its ability to concentrate and keep bioaerosol particles, such as molds, pollen, fungi, bacteria and viruses in the fluid sample gives the SpinCon II its superior collection rates when compared to other air sampling technologies. 


Because of its patented wet-concentrator design, the SpinCon II can achieve a highly concentrated sample of particulates, dramatically increasing the probability of detecting a hazard. And because it is not an impinger, it is far less likely to damage or destroy spores in the collection process, a factor which may be critical if confirmatory cultures are required.

An automated sample fluid make-up supply replenishes evaporated fluid so the sample fluid level will reliably stay at 10 mL allowing sampling times up to several hours. Depending upon the sampling time, the particles or compounds of interest in air can be concentrated by several orders of magnitude.

The SpinCon II  has been successfully used to collect and concentrate: Biological organisms, particles, vapors & aerosols, anthrax spores, nerve agents, viruses and coliphage, blister agents, psychotic agents, metals emissions, spores & fungal allergens, explosives, pollen, and pesticides.